Jewelry Bracelets for Sale in Gregory, TX

Looking for something UNIQUE HANDMADE for gifts this year...These handmade bracelet designs measure approx. 7 12- 8 when closed. Depending on the bracelet, some have a loop-to-knot closure, while others have a lobster clasp closure. You can tell in the picture which one applies.Each unique bracelet is hand beaded, hand painted, and hand crafted. Leather cording is beaded with wood andor ceramic...
Pure Strength BraceletThe Pure Series power band is made by Endevr. It is the next evolution of their old LifeStrength Edge Series bracelets. According to the company, each Pure Series bracelet is infused with seven natural minerals that work together to produce the highest measurable ion charge of its kind. Its the vitamin you wear. Many professional athletes swear by them.FEATURES-Comfortable...
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